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The other day I was talking with someone about their divorce. They told me how hard divorce was and how it made them feel like they had failed at life. There are very few things in life as devastating as divorce or a close relationship gone sour.I think love and passion is the right of every human being. Every person deserves to love and be loved. Loving, supportive relationships enhance your life, but sometimes they are hard to find and maintain, because life gets in the way, and we don’t always know how to treat each other.

My name is Akua Bediako, and I’m a Certified Relationship Coach. I have been through the pain of broken relationships myself. I learned not only how to bounce back from those tragic times, but also how to inspire others to do the same. I’m here for you if you feel like you need help in the love and relationship department of life.It’s so important that you allow yourself to heal from the damage and brokenness you feel. I will work with you to understand where you were mentally and emotionally, where you are now, and where you can be. It’s time to enjoy life again and be set free of the baggage of your past.

As a coach, I can help you clarify who or what you are really looking for, and, more importantly, what may be preventing you from finding that which you seek.

Maybe you are getting over a bad breakup or divorce. Perhaps you just want to know how to find a loving relationship that’s genuine and supportive. Or maybe you are tired of relationships that just don’t seem to work out.

All too often, we blame ourselves, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. Together, with my years of experience, wisdom and coaching skills we will help you figure out the patterns in your life that have lead you to this point, and show you how to make positive changes to discover and maintain relationships that bring you joy, fulfillment and purpose.

The bottom line for me is that I want you to be happy and experience more joy and love in your life. I truly believe this is possible and I want to work with you to unlock all of your possibilities, including creating the best relationships you have ever had!

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“Sometimes in life we are stuck at an impasse and we don’t know what to do with what’s in front of us, then as if divinely written, someone like Akua comes along and guides you to understanding you on a natural innate level. The time and dedication she brings to actually assisting you in seeing that which you can not is powerful beyond measure. I can say Akua has stepped into her light and since she has done so she has allowed others to be liberated too…There are no words I am aware of that can express what she has given to me. Akua has helped me to liberate myself….Thank you!”
– E. Williams

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Akua. Her exercises were enlightening and helped me to understand more about myself. Akua is patient and informative. She really listened and is genuine. You can’t go wrong!”
– S. West